Tick Identification Charts

Picture of ticks next to a dime

This practical tick identification chart was put together by my publisher and I gave out hundreds of them when I was on tour. Since I'm currently office-bound, I thought I would post a PDF version on my website so that anyone and everyone who finds this chart useful can download it.

IMPORTANT: This chart is designed to be printed on business cards and carried around in your wallet, back pocket, glove compartment or someplace equally handy so that you can consult it whenever you come in from the great outdoors.

You don't have to print it that small. You can increase the size of the file by 300% and print the chart on standard 8-1/2 X 11 paper. (You can even blow it up to poster size, if you want!) Just keep in mind that the ticks on this chart are in scale when the file is printed at its default size.

If you scale up the chart, the ticks will appear larger than they really are. Hence the dime. Dimes are not the size of hubcaps and ticks are not the size of squirrels. Perspective is a beautiful thing.

Tick Identification Chart (PDF)