The Projected Spread of Lyme-infected Ticks Across Canada

I find that it's sometimes easier to grasp the awesome speed at which Lyme infected ticks are expected to colonize Canada when you can see it for yourself.

Since I don't have a time machine, I dug up this video that I created for a talk that I gave in Winnipeg way back in 2013 using the latest research available at that time. It shows how rapidly Ixodes scapularis ticks are projected to sweep across this country between 2010 and 2080. It's striking how much territory they're expected to gain. Not even the Northwest Territories are safe.

And, sadly, these projections may turn out to be a little on the conservative side. Only time will tell.

(You'll note that BC is not represented. That's because a different tick species, Ixodes pacificus spreads Lyme in BC and there was no reliable data on the rate of that spread in 2013.)

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