Lone Star Ticks (Amblyomma americanum)

Photo Credit: James Gathany

Where they're found

They're only just beginning to make incursions into Canada, most notably in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritime provinces.

How to identify them

Distinctive white spot on the back of adult females.

What you need to know

  • They're still rare in Canada, but their numbers are expected to skyrocket in coming years.
  • They aggressively target humans and domestic animals.
  • They're known to carry anaplasmosis, ehrlichiosis, Heartland virus, tularemia, Q fever, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.
  • They've also been shown to carry Lyme bacteria, but there's some question about whether they can competently transmit Lyme disease to humans.
  • Their saliva has been reported to cause a nasty meat allergy in some of the people they bite.