Detecting and Attributing Health Burdens to Climate Change.

TitleDetecting and Attributing Health Burdens to Climate Change.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsEbi KL, Ogden NH, Semenza JC, Woodward A
JournalEnviron Health Perspect
Start Page085004
Date Published08/2017
Keywordschanges, climate, disease, lyme, spread, ticks, vector-borne

The results of detection and attribution studies can inform evidence-based risk management to reduce current, and plan for future, changes in health risks associated with climate change. Gaining a better understanding of the size, timing, and distribution of the climate change burden of disease and injury requires reliable long-term data sets, more knowledge about the factors that confound and modify the effects of climate on health, and refinement of analytic techniques for detection and attribution. At the same time, significant advances are possible in the absence of complete data and statistical certainty: there is a place for well-informed judgments, based on understanding of underlying processes and matching of patterns of health, climate, and other determinants of human well-being.